Program Assistant

Sharon Mariotti is the program assistant for the Management and Engineering for Manufacturing program at UConn. She currently coordinates the general operations of the MEM program, assists with the MEM Senior Design sponsorship program, offers course schedule advice and assistance for MEM students and prospective students, leads the MEM communications and marketing initiatives, and coordinates MEM events. In addition, she serves as the staff advisor to the MEM Society, assists students with their LinkedIn profiles and offers career and internship advice. She also builds and maintains relationships with our MEM alumni, seeking to engage them as valuable contributors to the future of the MEM program.

Sharon has 15 years of experience in Marketing and Communications, primarily in higher education and non profit. She loves working with college students and helping them navigate these crucial years. Sharon joined the MEM program and the University of Connecticut in February 2020.
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Phone: (860) 486-5862
Address: 191 Auditorium Rd U-3139
MEM - UTEB 465
More: (860) 878-4789 (remote/mobile)

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