Academic Advising

It is not only encouraged but required that University of Connecticut students work closely with their academic advisors to ensure completion of the academic requirements for graduation. Within the MEM major, working with your advisor is even more important as the course load is rigorous. With proper guidance, students are able to graduate within four years if this is their goal.  

In order to register for classes before each semester, students must meet with their advisor. Within the MEM major, students with fewer than 60 completed credits meet with the College of Engineering assigned advisor. After completing 60 credits, MEM students attend a group advising session with the MEM co-directors during which they will review pre-requisites, courses that are offered the coming term and other curriculum challenges students should be aware of. Students should also use this time to ask any questions.  

Advising Offices

MEM students have the benefit of accessing advisors through both the College of Engineering and the School of Business. While the College of Engineering assigns an advisor specifically for MEM majors, students may also seek supplementary information from the MEM Program Assistant, the School of Business Academic Advising Office, and the co-directors of the MEM major, who are assigned as advisors for Juniors and Seniors in the major.

MEM Academic Advisor

JP Lappen

Business Academic Advising

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Undergraduate Programs

Registration and Course Permissions

Often students run into challenges with registering and some courses will require a permission number. Permission numbers are necessary for students with transfer credits or students who are simultaneously enrolled in a pre-requisite, among other reasons. Permission numbers will not be granted for the purpose of waiving pre-requisites. In addition, permission numbers for substitutions are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

When you do need a permission number, it is a good idea to submit your request properly and early. If you need a permission number for an MEM specific course, please submit your request here. Otherwise see below: