awardees 2022
MEM 2022 Awardees at the Senior Banquet in April 2022

MEM students are eligible for a number of awards each spring and are awarded the MEM Annual Celebration or Annual Banquet. These awards provide financial assistance and scholarships for funding a student's education. The awards, eligibility and selection criteria are detailed below:

The MEM Award

The MEM awards consist of typically five awards, awarded to two juniors and three seniors of high scholastic achievement in the MEM major. Awards are given in the following categories:

  • The MEM Perseverance Award - awarded to a student with high academic achievement who has overcome many obstacles or shown other perseverance.
  • The MEM Future Leader Award - awarded to a student who has shown great leadership capacity and has high academic achievement.
  • The MEM Engagement Award - awarded to a student who has shown great commitment to the MEM major, volunteering and participating in many ways throughout the major.
  • The MEM Academic Achievement Award - awarded to a student with a high academic achievement.
  • The MEM Top Scholar - awarded to the MEM graduating senior with the highest GPA.

The Donald Hempel Memorial Fund Award

The Donald Hempel Memorial Fund Award is awarded to one or two students enrolled full time in the MEM major, who is academically outstanding, and who has a demonstrated financial need according to the financial aid office.

The OPIM Award

The OPIM Award is given by the School of Business to MEM major students, usually four, who have demonstrated academic achievement overall and in their OPIM and business courses.

The Vidya and Suresh Nair OPIM Undergraduate Scholarship Award

The Vidya and Suresh Nair OPIM Undergraduate Scholarship Award is given to sophomore or junior MEM students, who have demonstrated academic excellence, have participated in any variety of extra-curricular activities, including but not limited to the MEM Society, leadership in university approved student clubs and volunteer activities.

Top Dog Award

Logan Miller, 2021 Top Dog Award Recipient  JHBReenTopDog2022

The MEM Top Dog is a prestigious award granted each year to a graduating senior or a junior. The award recipient is selected jointly by the MEM Society Executive Board, MEM Co-directors and staff.

The criterion for an MEM student to be considered for this prestigious recognition is:

  • A graduating senior, or junior, of high academic scholarship
  • A student who freely assists other MEM students in achieving academic success
  • A student who consistently volunteers to serve at Open House and other outreach events
  • A student who treats professors and staff with respect
  • A student who mentors those who aspire to be MEM students
  • An individual who possesses impeccable character and a positive upbeat demeanor that all can aspire to emulate

The Top Dog award is presented at the annual MEM banquet.

Past Recipients Include:

  • John Henry Breen (2022)
  • Logan Miller (2021)
  • Melissa Auman (2019)
  • Kristian Schif (2018)
  • Scott Washburn (2017)
  • William Oldach (2016)
  • Aaron Hagewood (2015)