The MEM major is an academically rigorous major that spans both the College of Engineering and the School of Business, and provides its students with the most comprehensive, broad-scoped curriculum for future leaders in manufacturing, engineering and management. The curriculum currently requires 138* credits (2023), and includes UConn General Education requirements, Math and Science, Engineering, Business and Manufacturing coursework. Our major is accredited by both ABET and AACSB. Students should work closely with their academic advisor and follow the curriculum guide to ensure they meet the requirements to complete this degree.

The MEM undergraduate educational objectives are that our alumni/ae:

  • Practice their profession with solid engineering and business knowledge and skills with a total enterprise vision, tackling ever-evolving real-world challenges with an innovative mindset and balanced engineering and business perspectives;
  • Progress towards leadership roles, successfully applying manufacturing and engineering management principles to various products and processes;
  • Apply high professional standards and practice life-long learning.

Transfer credits are permitted; however, it is encouraged for students to take technical courses as well as their higher-level business courses at the University of Connecticut. To determine which courses are eligible for transfer to UConn, search each course required in the list below on the Transfer Equivalencies web page.

Students in the MEM major are expected to maintain a high academic standard of a 2.79 GPA or higher. For additional information, visit our Supplemental Standards page.

Supplemental Standards

Information Literacy

In addition to the basic competency achieved in ENGL 1007, 1010, 1011 or equivalent, all students will receive instructions on how to conduct an effective search for information in the library and how to conduct an effective search on the web for applicable engineering topics in ENGR 1000 or equivalent. As the student progresses in the major, various courses will require assignments to increase their information literacy competency. The advanced level of information technology competency will be achieved at the completion of MEM 4971W and 4972W.

Writing in the Major

MEM 4971W and 4972W are the senior design project courses for the major. All students must write reports on their projects. These courses provide opportunities to write professional reports with appropriate feedback and criticism from two faculty members. The report writing provides instruction in proper report structure for professional work in practice.

Students are encouraged to seek faculty-supervised manufacturing summer internships prior to their junior and senior years. Such internships may be shown on the student records by registering for MEM 3281, with instructor and advisor approval.

*Please refer to your specific catalog year as this number is subject to change.

MEM majors are required to complete the following****:

    General Education Courses
  • Environmental Literacy “E” course
  • ENGL 1007, 1010, or 1011: First Year Writing
  • Content Area 1: PHIL 1104: Philosophy and Social Ethics
  • Content Area 1: History Requirement (see page 10 for course list)
  • Content Area 2: ECON 1200: Principles of Economics (intensive) (Spring Only)
  • Content Area 2/4-int: International Requirement (see page 10 for course list)
  • Content Area 4: Additional Content Area 4 course (see link on page 10)

*MEM students who have completed CSE 1010 or 1100 will not be required to take OPIM 3103 and will satisfy the requirements for courses that will have OPIM 3103 as a requisite.

**The Business Technical Elective must be from a 3000-level or higher course from one of the following five departments in the School of Business: Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing, or Operations and Information Management.

ǂ Neither OPIM 3103/BADM 3103 nor OPIM 3104/BADM 3104 may be used to fulfill business-elective credit by MEM majors.

***The Engineering Technical Elective must be from a 3000-level or higher course in the College of Engineering or from the following list of Allied Health courses: AH 3270, 3570, or 3574. ME 3222 may not be used to fulfill engineering-elective credit by MEM majors.

****This should be used as a guide, please refer to the catalog for the year you were admitted for the degree requirements.

Curriculum Outlines for Current Students:

MEM Curriculum Outline YR 23-24
MEM Curriculum Outline YR 22-23

Important note: These documents are meant to be used as guides and a suggested sequence of courses you should follow.  Please refer to your Standard Advising Report, which enables students to view progress towards completing their academic requirements.  The Official Curriculum requirements you should follow can be found in the Catalog for the academic year you matriculated into the university.