MEM Brand

The MEM cube logo is no longer permitted to be used per University Guidelines. The following wordmarks are permissible.

For any questions regarding this, please contact the program coordinator.

UConn Navy Blue

Pantone 289C

C99 M84 Y45 K51

R10 G34 B64



Pantone 430C

C55 M41 Y38 K05

R123 G134 B140


Business Blue

Pantone 299C

C81 M18 Y00 K00

R0 G159 B220


Engineering Orange

Pantone 1505C

C00 M71 Y100 K00

R255 G107 B00


MEM Wordmark - Stacked Black
MEM Wordmark - Side White
MEM Wordmark - Stacked Blue Grey
MEM Wordmark - Side Blue Grey
MEM Wordmark - Stacked White
MEM Wordmark - Side Blue
MEM Wordmark - Stacked Blue
MEM Wordmark - Side Black