Careers and Recruiting

Recruiting MEM Students for Internships and Careers

MEM students are in-demand now, more than ever. Businesses who have hired MEM students once, often return, desiring to develop a pipeline of MEM graduates for their company. We understand. Our MEM graduates are pretty unique in their ability to connect the dots between engineering and business. This is why our students are so regularly offered rotational and leadership development program positions among some of the most well-known companies in the Northeast. MEM students really are the future leaders of industry.

Industry leaders partner with MEM in a variety of ways that contribute to the preparation of our students for the workforce. There are a variety of established ways businesses can get involved, or we would be happy to discuss with you other ideas and contributions you would like to consider.

Career Center Support

While we in the MEM office are more than happy to help you navigate the recruitment of MEM students specifically, here are some great resources you should become familiar with in your recruitment efforts from the UConn Career Center. The details you can find here include links and instructions on creating and using your employer Handshake account, upcoming Career Fairs, and other Employer Opportunities you may access through the UConn Career Center.

Additionally, our MEM students can also be recruited through the School of Business Career Center specifically, where you can access student recruitment opportunities such as Career Tuesdays, Case Competitions, and other special events and career fairs.

Long-Term Student Recruitment and Familiarity

Some of our companies also find that they want to get to know our students on a more long-term professional basis. In this case, businesses may hire students as interns over a summer. While MEM students do not get course credit for these, they pursue these positions for the professional experience and opportunity to familiarize themselves with the internal workings and culture of a company they may be interested in working for when they graduate.

Other companies host Senior Design teams, during which they spend many months getting to know a small segment of students very thoroughly. As a result, they often can fill a current opening with a member of their Senior Design team. This has proven to be very effective as both student and employer spend almost a year working together before committing to a long-term position.

In other cases, businesses may have the opportunity to contribute some industry expertise to the MEM Society or even in a course, such as Senior Design or Supply Chain Management, during which they can promote their career opportunities to the class.

More Assistance

There are many ways to recruit MEM students for your career opportunities and we want to help you accomplish your goals. If you would like more support navigating the options you have or would like to share a job link with our students, please contact the program coordinator.