Senior Design Program

Management and Engineering for Manufacturing is a unique program at UConn that spans both the school of business and the school of engineering, and produces some of the brightest, most talented leaders for the technical world we live in. MEM students have a range of skills including technical engineering skills, and also finance and accounting, project management, marketing, six sigma, supply chain, and more.

Senior Design is a capstone course during which students work on teams with businesses, manufacturers and other organizations to complete a project given by the sponsor. In 2021, MEM had 12 teams with 10 sponsors, like Frito Lay, Dymax, Belimo, Prysmian, Lyman Orchard, NUWC/Navy, Holo-Krome and Sikorsky. The projects completed by students included designing and building workstations, developing new facility plans, streamlining manufacturing processes to increase production, fall protection, a spring test stand, automated sanitation processes, and more.

Sponsors present a challenge or idea and work with a student team to create the solution. Sponsors gain access to UConn faculty, trained student engineers, as well as first-hand experience working with students who may become future employees. At the same time, students learn to work collaboratively in a real world setting while producing periodic reports on their ideas, strategy, techniques and progress. Students begin by researching the problem, brainstorming a range of solutions and traveling to the sponsor’s site to learn more about the sponsor and project.

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Cummings/Valvetrain Campus Visit October 4th

Cummings Valvetrain (formerly Jacobs Vehicle Systems) will be on campus on Wed October 4. They have open intern and co-op positions. The event is being sponsored by our ASME chapter. When:  Wednesday, October 4, 2023 5:00 pm till 7:00 pm Where: School of Business Room 211 See the flyer below for more details. UConn Intern […]

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Benefits of Sponsorship

  • Access to UConn Engineering and Business faculty and students, as well as state of the art laboratories and equipment.
  • Tackle a challenge, make an idea a reality, or develop or improve a project or process without utilizing your staff's time and energy.
  • A small team of talented UConn engineers with business acumen partner with your company, supervised by you and our faculty.
  • Fresh approach and ideas for engineering, manufacturing and business problems.
  • Strategic recruiting that creates a talent pipeline for your company.
  • Knowledge that your company contributed to the education of future engineers and business leaders.

How it Works

During the two semesters of each Senior Design project, sponsors gain first-hand experience teaming up with potential future employees to help the project succeed. Our students learn how to work collaboratively in a real-world setting, while producing periodic reports on their ideas, strategy, techniques and progress. Each team of 3-5 seniors is mentored by Engineering and Business faculty in collaboration with the sponsor. MEM Students whose degree spans both Engineering and Business must also include business processes and analysis and make sure their designs accomplish not only the technical specifications, but also meet the business demands.

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  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Output Improvement of Screw Assembly Process
  • Sustainable Sanitation Initiative for Workforce Efficiency
  • Improving Furnace Maintenance Procedures and Eliminating Risk of Fall-Related Injury
  • Cost Savings through Eco-Friendly Heat Transfer
  • Spring Fatigue Test Stand
  • Enhancing Manufacturing Processes to Increase Productivity
  • Lyman Orchards Future Facility Design
  • Expulsion of Small Diameter Devices from Torpedo Tube Cartridges
  • Analyzing Digital Outputs of Ultra-Low Freezer
  • Reduction in Ergonomic Risk Factors
  • Design and Validation of Wearable Hydration Sensor
  • Non-Contact Testbed for Railroad Application
  • Understanding the Capabilities of IoT in Manufacturing
  • Automated Instant Measurement System
  • Competitor Analysis of UV Light Curing Machines
  • Robot Feeding System Implementation
  • Optimized Post Processing Treatment of Additively Manufactured AISi10Mg
  • Courier Software Efficient Use
  • Clamp Fixture Improvement for 5-Axis Machining
  • Design of Rack-Based Li-Ion Battery Module for Grid Storage Application
  • Integrated Workbench Implementation in Sub-Assembly
  • Manufacturing Blank Production Improvement Project
  • Bio-Inspired Navigation Device for the Visually Impaired
  • Fire Suppression Tank Autonomous Weight Detection Sensor System
  • Cell Redesign for Bolt Rework Process
  • Spreader Capacity Analysis
  • Improved Ultrasonic Wire Splicer
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Army Ant Emulation
  • Electric Formula Car: Manufacturing and Documentation of Car and Suspension Uprights
  • VNA Material Movement Analysis
  • Smart Automatic Candle Extinguisher
  • Cost-Risk Analysis for Nano-coating Process of Electrolyzers
  • IoT for Predictive Maintenance
  • Electrically Actuated Valve
  • Advanced Composite Manufacturing Process
  • Assembly Process Improvement with Cobot
  • Autonomous Robot Docking Station
  • Distributed Hydroponic Farming
  • Single Use Personal Sanitary Barrier
  • Process Improvement for Research Lab’s Data Management for Thermal Barrier Coating
  • Creating Manufacturing Agility
  • Industrial IoT
  • Universal Solution to Glove Waste

Past Sponsors

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