MEM By The Numbers

The data below, collected from the University of Connecticut Careers Office as well as our own majors' lists, provides a glimpse into the major, the students who choose MEM and the success our graduates experience after their time at UConn.

MEM Majors - Enrollment Statistics

Enrollment by Year
The MEM Major has grown from 58 in 2007 to 156 in 2021, seeing a sharp increase in 2014 and 2015.
Gender Breakdown MEM
MEM leads Engineering majors in women enrolled in the major. The average enrollment of women in the College of Engineering typically is about 25%, whereas in 2021, in MEM, it is 33%

Graduates Mean and Median Starting Salary 2016-2020

Chart of Mean and Median Salaries 2016-2020

Graduates Starting Mean
MEM : $66,386
Engineering: $66,256
Business: $58,184
Business & Engineering: $62,227

Graduates Starting Median
MEM : $67,000
Engineering: $66,000
Business: $60,000
Business & Engineering: $62,000

Employed or Enrolled in 6 Months

MEM Graduates at 6 Months

Graduates Percentage Employed or Enrolled 6 Months
MEM : 95.2
Engineering: 90
Business: 88.5
Business & Engineering: 90.2

MEM Graduates at 6 Months
Employed: 85.4
Continuing Education: 9.8
Seeking Employment or Continuing Education: 4.8