Supplementary Standards

Supplemental Academic Standards

Students admitted to the Management and Engineering for Manufacturing (MEM) program must maintain a high standard of scholastic achievement to continue in the major program. Any student having completed 24 or more credit hours must maintain a minimum 2.79 cumulative grade point average. A student failing to meet this standard is subject to dismissal from the program.

Supplemental Dismissal Process

Following final grades being entered into cumulative GPA’s after the fall and spring semesters at UConn, the MEM program evaluates its students academic progress against the MEM supplemental academic standards. Students who have completed 24 credits are required to maintain a 2.79 cumulative GPA in order to remain in the MEM program.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • When a student’s cumulative GPA falls below 2.79, they will receive a supplementary dismissal letter from the program. Students who are dismissed from the MEM major will be administratively unregistered their 2000/3000/4000 level courses in the School of Business, and their major will be changed to Undecided Engineering.
  • A student falling below a 2.85 will receive a warning letter, and is encouraged to seek academic assistance through the university academic supports and through the School of Engineering’s tutoring or other programs through the SOE advising office.
  • All students are encouraged to seek supports, but particularly those whose GPA falls below a 3.0 .

When a student has successfully completed one semester of Senior Design and is on track for Spring graduation, we will waive the dismissal process and offer supports instead.

What if I have been Supplementarily Dismissed from MEM?

If you have received a dismissal letter from MEM, you should immediately contact your advisor and schedule an appointment to navigate next steps. You may submit an appeal by writing a letter to the program directors requesting consideration to continue in the program, and should include information about factors contributing to poor academic performance and plans for academic recovery. A dismissal committee will communicate a final decision subject to dismissal from the MEM program. Dismissed students maintain the right to raise their GPA, retake certain courses and reapply when they again meet the MEM eligibility criteria.

What is the timeline for Warnings and Dismissals

While these dates may have slight variation due to unforeseen complications at the University level, the MEM policy on dismissal timing is as follows:

Dismissals after the Fall Term:

  • Dismissal letters emailed to students approximately 2 weeks before the start of the Spring semester.
  • Appeals are due 1 week before the Spring semester on the date listed in the dismissal letter received.
  • Final decisions on appeals are made 2-3 weekdays before the first day of classes in the Spring semester.

Dismissals after the Spring Term:

  • Dismissal letters emailed to students approximately 2-3 weeks after grades and GPAs have been finalized at University.
  • Appeals are due 1 week after the letter is sent via email, and as listed in the dismissal letter.
  • Final decisions on appeals are made 2 weeks after the letters are emailed and usually within one week of appeal deadline.